Terms and conditions for work of Webmaster

Both parties involved in the work process, customer and Webmaster to name, are required to comply with the conditions of the work.
Before the costumer signs a contract for launching the working process he is obligated to meet the terms and conditions of work.
The contract for work contains detailed information about the project, time and cost of the project with defined deadlines for payment. The agreement of the order will be mailed to the customer. If the customer agrees to the terms of the agreement, he is obliged to return the signed agreement to Webmaster. Once Webmaster receive the signed contract, the work process will start immediately. In that way the client and the company are obligated to meet all the requirements of the contract. If one of the sides doesn't respond to all requests, that side shall bear the costs.

Payment Terms

Before signing the contract and start of work, the client is not required to pay any part of the total amount.
The method and the payment period is specified in the contract for a specific project and the client is obliged to respect.
Payment can be done in two ways: through an invoice which the client will receive by mail or via Paypal service on our website.

Material supply for the project

The client is obligated within the specified period in the contract for the project to deliver all required materials: text, images, logos and any other materials required for the project. If the client delays with the delivery of some of the materials, the company has the right to extend the period of completion of the project and the customer is obligated to pay within the deadline as described in the previously signed agreement.

Extra work

For any extra work, not specified in the contract, we calculate an additional charge of €15,= per hour. The client will be notified in advance how many hours will be required to complete the concrete work.

The right of ownership of the project

Once the client will fulfill the payment the project he owns the copyright of the overall project. If no agreement is made for maintaining the website or web application, from the very moment the project will become the property of the client, Webmaster has no obligation to store files or making a backup of the contents